Community-Based Services Program

The Community-Based Services program combines our outreach, education, engagement and other programs designed to serve vulnerable populations into one department with a cohesive focus and expected program goals.

Staff from all of our CKP programs work within the CBS building which is located at 631 Main Street in Middletown, CT.

CBS programs include:

  • Ryan White Support services, including medical case management, pharmacy support and transportation.
  • Ryan White Part A&B services, including mental health support groups, peer support groups, congregate meals, and transportation to appointments.
  • PATH Program services for severely mentally ill and chronically homeless individuals.
  • CKP PrEP outreach, including community events, establishing partnerships with organizations serving target population, creating avenues for dissemination of information about services, and more.

For more information on Community-Based Services, please contact:

Maria Lorenzo, CBS Program Manager, (860) 347-6971 x3918 (email: [email protected])

Doug Janssen, CBS Associate, (860) 347-6971 x390 (email: [email protected])

Anna Rogers, Project Director (email: [email protected])

Lennon Adam, Program Specialist (email: [email protected])

Marisol Velez, CKP Health Advocate, (860) 347-6971 x3082 (email: [email protected])