Staff Directory

CKP Leadership

Kasey Harding, MPH, Director

Marwan Haddad, MD, MPH, AAHIVS, Medical Director

CKP Providers

Marlene Edelstein, APRN

Lucy Ehrenfeld, APRN

Jason Manto, APRN

Jeannie McIntosh, APRN

Valerie Walton, RN

Chloe Andree, RN

CKP Clinical Staff

Bernie Delgado, Nurse Supervisor

David Papcin, Registered Nurse

Denise Tafeni, Senior Medical Assistant

Community-Based Services

Maria Lorenzo, CBS Program Manager, 475.343.3150 x109 ([email protected])

Doug Janssen, CBS Associate, 475.343.3150 x130 ([email protected])

Anna Rogers, Project Director ([email protected])

Lennon Adam, Program Specialist ([email protected])

Marisol Velez, Health Advocate, 475.343.3150 x132 ([email protected])

Aubree Buccino, Program Coordinator, 475.301.3693 ([email protected])

Ryan White Case Managers

Cairo Romageura, Case Manager, 860.347.6971 x3368 ([email protected])

Teaurean Nolan, New London Medical Case Manager, 203.985.9315 ([email protected])


Sherrie Frechette, Case Manager, 860.347.6971 x3903 ([email protected])

PrEP Coordinators

Michael Judd, CKP Outreach and PrEP Coordinator, 475.343.3150 x128 ([email protected])

Julie Colon, CKP Outreach and PrEP Coordinator, 860.344.5900 x3750 ([email protected])

New Horizons

Tajae Sergeon, Program Manager ([email protected])

Tara Zimmerman, Adult Advocate ([email protected])

Valarie Smith, Rapid Rehousing Advocate, ([email protected])

Ana Aderca Victim Advocate ([email protected])

Belmarys Barreto, Adult Advocate ([email protected])

Joanna Cruz, Adult Advocate ([email protected])

Lashanda Dove, Adult Advocate ([email protected])

Donika Freeman, Family Advocate ([email protected])

Brandi Kennedy, Adult Advocate ([email protected])

Brooke Maxfield, Community Outreach Advocate and Educator ([email protected])

Substance Use Health Program

Dan Bryant, Director of Substance Use Treatment

Vanessa Parker, Behavioral Health Clinician

Michael Lauro, Licensed Behavioral Health Clinician

Briana Reaves, Program Manager at 475.343.3150 x133 ([email protected])

Marissa Ortiz, Recovery Care Coordinator, 860.347.6971 x5104 ([email protected])

Lizette Reboira, Recovery Care Coordinator, 860.347.6971 x 2353 ([email protected])

Carissa Poole, Recovery Care Coordinator, 203.499.9690 ([email protected])

Lizbeth Vazquez, Recovery Care Coordinator, 203.499.9816 ([email protected])


Raneda Porter, AmeriCorps Program Director,  475-355-1229 ([email protected])

Cassie Johnson, AmeriCorps Program Specialist, 475.318.2781 ([email protected])

Mariah Alicea, AmeriCorps Member: Youth Healthcare Services Specialist ([email protected])

Grace Ewing, AmeriCorps Member: Cervical Cancer Prevention Program Coordinator ([email protected])

Isabella Livingston, AmeriCorps Member: Community Health Specialist ([email protected])

Courtney Morgan, AmeriCorps Member: Overdose Prevention Champion ([email protected])

Lilliana Perez, AmeriCorps Member: Food Insecurity Resource Navigator ([email protected])

Brandi Richardson, AmeriCorps Member: Community Health Specialist ([email protected])

Sumaiya Sabnam, AmeriCorps Member: Family Wellness Assistant ([email protected])

Angelica Sistrunk, AmeriCorps Member: Retinopathy Program Specialist ([email protected])

CT River Valley Farmers Health Program (CTRVFH)

Elizabeth Vazquez-Fresse, Program Manager, 475.375.7667 ([email protected])

Carmen Davila, Health Coordinator, 860.347.6971 x6101 ([email protected])


Stephanie Moses, Outreach Worker ([email protected])

Wherever You Are (WYA)    

Joshua Beltré, Program Coordinator ([email protected])

Marisol Velez, Health Advocate ([email protected]))